Many school districts participating in WSLA were recently recognized by OSPI with some of the state’s highest honors.

Congratulations to Eatonville School District (A WSLA Year 3 Participant) for having two schools recognized as bold and creative incubators for innovation. Eatonville Elementary and Eatonville Middle School were honored with a State Innovative Schools designation for 2016.

A total of five WSLA Year 2 school districts earned Washington Achievement Awards for 2015. Award-winning schools. The awards use the State Board of Education Revised Achievement Index and are based on statewide assessment data for the three previous years. The Achievement Index measures school performance, emphasizing improvement and recognition.

Districts and schools earning this honor include: Davenport School District, Davenport Elementary, High Progress and Davenport Senior High for Math Growth; Onalaska School District, Unalaska Elementary, High Progress and Onalaska Middle School, High Progress; Reardan-Edwall, Reardan-Edwall Middle/Senior High, Overall Excellence and Extended Graduation Rate; Southside School District, Southside Elementary, High Progress and Math Growth; and Tekoa School District, Tekoa Elementary, English Language Arts Growth.

Congratulations to our WSLA school district participants!