In 2013-14, the work of the Leadership Academy grew to include 79 school districts or Educational Service Districts graduated from or currently participating in WSLA.  At the conclusion of the year, an impressive total of 625 education professionals have developed leadership skills through a uniquely designed curriculum rooted in the premise that quality school and district leadership impacts student achievement.

“WSLA assists school district leaders as they strive to achieve what is needed to effectively implement systems to meet the needs of their students. The State’s continued financial support in this important work demonstrates a commitment to quality education in our state,” said Carol Whitehead, WSLA Director.

Eleven district teams from ESDs 121 (Renton) and 105 (Yakima) – the sixth cohort of the Leadership Academy, along with 14 district teams in their second year from ESDs 101 (Spokane) and 171 (Wenatchee), made up the 2013-14 roster of participants. Incoming teams experienced a new approach to the work of implementing state and federal initiatives by working on a predefined problem of practice that helps them “create and lead a system that ensures effective instruction for all students, integrates multiple initiatives – i.e., Common Core, TPEP, Smarter Balanced – and results in high levels of learning.”


ESD 101
Deer Park
Nine Mile Falls

ESD 171

WSLA also accepted responsibility of conducting all of the state’s required Association of Washington School Principals (AWSP) Leadership Framework Principal Evaluation trainings. With a cadre of highly skilled Leadership Framework Specialists, evaluators of Principals and/or Assistant Principals working in districts from across the State developed an understanding of the AWSP Framework and Rubrics, the new State-required Principal Evaluation System and how to write legally-defensible evaluations to help evaluators of Principals and Assistant Principals grow professionally.

Multiple agencies and partners continue to collaborate to make the Leadership Academy successful. The WSLA coaches and the Leadership Framework Specialists, coupled with the skilled instructors and thoughtful curriculum of regionally delivered workshops, are valuable resources to districts and essential components of the Leadership Academy’s success. And without the ongoing partnership between WASA and AWSP, as well as the strong support from all nine Educational Service Districts, the Office of The Superintendent of Public Instruction, the Governor’s Office, the State Legislators and the valued advisement from the WSLA Board, the Academy would not exist.

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