In 2012, OSPI contracted with the Washington State Leadership Academy (WSLA) to create a statewide corps of Leadership Criteria and Framework Feedback Specialists (LCFFSs) who will support the state’s evaluators of principals and assistant principals as they use the AWSP Framework and Rubrics to implement a new Principal Evaluation System. OSPI has relied heavily on the input and guidance of the framework authors as we develop this corps, and will rely on the authors and WSLA to ensure the integrity of the training and trainers of the AWSP Framework and Rubrics.

Beginning with the 65 districts awarded Regional Implementation Grants in 2011-12, WSLA Principal Evaluator Instructors and LCFFSs trained approximately 350 evaluators of principals and assistant principals in three (3) separate workshops during 2012-13. The workshops were held in August, 2012; October, 2012; and late February/early March, 2013.

Training for Leadership CFFSs and evaluators of principals and assistant principals has been developed at the direction of the AWSP Framework and Rubrics authors’ designees (WSLA). Training for Leadership CFFSs happened (4) times spread throughout the 2012-13 school year in June, 2012; September, 2012; January, 2013; and April, 2013.

Additionally, Leadership CFFSs continued to be coached by the framework authors’ designees (WSLA) during the course of the 2012-13 year. The progression of learning was determined in collaboration with WSLA, AWSP and WASA with input from TPEP pilot sites, ESD RIG sites and the TPEP steering committee. Each Leadership Criteria & Framework Feedback Specialists met a specified number of times, on site in assigned districts with the administrators evaluating principals or assistant principals.

Each Leadership Criteria & Framework Feedback Specialist concentrated on the state criteria for evaluating principals; The AWSP Framework and Rubrics; and the goal setting, feedback and reflection strategies that maximize continuous professional growth for principals and assistant principals.

Leadership CFFSs are not responsible for knowing or interpreting employment law and to that end, are not expected to provide technical assistance to the districts on issues pertaining to employment law that may arise while districts are implementing the new evaluation system.

At the end of LCFFS training in June, Leadership CFFSs qualified to assist WSLA Principal Evaluation Instructors provided Washington State RIG districts with a one-day, AWSP Framework and Rubrics overview in August to launch implementation work in the districts.

Leadership CFFSs are completely trained in all nuances of the AWSP Framework and Rubrics. LCFFSs have deeper training on using the AWSP Framework and Rubrics to effectively evaluate principals and assistant principals on the Washington State Principal Evaluation System for the purpose of helping principals and assistant principals grow professionally.

2014 Update

During the 2014-15 year, WSLA will be concluding its statewide trainings on the Principal Evaluation Program.

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