Administrators evaluating principals and/or assistant principals in will:


Develop an understanding of expectations and legal issues that affect the work for districts officially piloting the Washington State Principal Evaluation System in 2012-13.

Learn about the development of the AWSP Leadership Framework and Rubrics.

Become familiar with the content in the AWSP Framework and Rubrics.
Learn how to examine and begin to use the AWSP Framework and Rubrics to help Principals grow professionally.
Agree on common language to develop a system-wide understanding of and a shared purpose for the AWSP Framework and Rubric.

Reflect on best practices for:

  • using self assessment as part of a goal-setting process;
    agreeing on and setting goals aligned with the AWSP Framework;
  • determining appropriate evidence for monitoring progress on goals;
    examining evidence and monitoring progress on goals set;
  • holding effective formative and summative conferences and giving constructive feedback that will result in professional growth for Principals; and
  • writing clear, effective summative evaluations aligned with the Washington State Principal Evaluation Criteria and the AWSP Framework and Rubrics.

Agree on and use consistent system-wide methods for implementing each of the steps needed to use the AWSP Framework and Rubrics to effectively evaluate Principals and Assistant Principals in their Districts.

Be introduced to the Washington State eVAL System.

To learn more about the Washington State approved Instructional Frameworks, visit the Washington State Teacher/Principal Evaluation Project.

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