Paul Sturm is a native of Eastern Washington and Spokane.  Paul attended Spokane Falls Community College where earned an Associate in Arts Degree. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in biology with a minor in chemistry from Eastern Washington College (University). In 1982, after receiving teaching credentials, he began teaching biology, math and chemistry at Central Valley High School in the Spokane Valley.

In 1990, Paul earned a Master’s Degree in Education Administration from Whitworth College (University) and was appointed assistant principal of Central Valley High School with a primary emphasis in curriculum and staff development. In 1994, Paul was tapped to serve as the principal of Central Valley High School, where he did so for 8 years.

Paul and his wife, Nadine, moved to Pullman in July of 2002 to take the position assistant superintendent for curriculum, instruction and special programs for the Pullman School District.  This and his previous roles prepared Paul to serve as the superintendent for Pullman School District, which he did from July of 2006 until July of 2016.

In 2009, Paul received a Doctorate of Education from Washington State University. In addition to his work as Superintendent of Pullman Schools, Paul served on the board of directors of the Pullman Chamber of Commerce, has been president and a member of the executive board of the Northeast Washington Association of School Administrators, and a member of the board of directors of Washington State Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development.  He is also past-president of the Washington Association of School Administrators and has been involved with various local, regional, and state civic and education boards and associations

As an educator, Paul has maintained a strong empathy for and focus on serving students, especially ones that struggle to thrive in the public school system. Hiring and supporting educators that share a desire to serve the most difficult to reach students has been a constant emphasis throughout his career. Now, as a recently retired Washington State educator, Paul brings this passion, along with his training and experiences, to the role of coach for the Washington State Leadership Academy.