OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA long-time educator, Jamie Huizinga’s extensive classroom and administrative experience lends greatly to her role as a Leadership Criteria Framework Feedback Specialist (LCFFS) coach for the Washington State Leadership Academy.

Although she is primarily a secondary reading specialist, Jamie has taught every grade 6-12, both in Washington and Minnesota. Retired as a middle school principal and experienced as a School Improvement Facilitator (SIF) working with schools who volunteer for School Improvement Assistance, she also contracts with the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) as a Summit SIF: a state pilot project that coordinates support for five selected districts in District Improvement Assistance through alignment of district support, including SIFs, to its schools. She also has served as a School Performance Review team member on a 2–5 day initial performance review for schools who volunteer for School Improvement Assistance.

Because of her involvement with Washington’s School Performance Reviews, Jamie was one of three asked to audit with a Kentucky team in order to help develop Washington’s current School Performance Review rubric, based on the Nine Characteristics of High Performing Schools. She has also helped develop the training for school reviewers in the use of this rubric.

In addition to her background in literacy and best practices in teaching and learning, Jamie closely studies and monitors the role of the principal in building leadership. She assesses and mentors new principals for the Association of Wasington school Principals (AWSP) in the “Developing the 21st Century Principal” program. She also is working on her leadership coaching certificate through Seattle University’s Leadership Coaching program and coaching principals who graduate from Seattle University’s educational administration program.

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