The delivery/structure of the Washington State Leadership Academy (WSLA) was defined by the Design Team during the design and implementation phase for the pilot year. Modifications to the design and delivery have been made as appropriate to refine the Leadership Academy’ s work.

The delivery of the Leadership Academy is as follows:

  • Leadership learning groups will be identified and organized by each Educational Service District (ESD). District teams participating in WSLA will attend regional workshop sessions at their regional ESD and one statewide workshop in Spokane (adjacent to the AWSP/WASA Summer Conference in June).
  • The WSLA Director and staff at WASA and AWSP will work with the ESD superintendent and interested district superintendents in each region to explain the program, and to screen and select district leadership teams to participate in the program. ESDs and WSLA will finalize commitments to participate from districts.
  • The Leadership Academy will create common materials and protocols, recruit and hire instructors/coaches, provide access to materials, pay for a portion of the personnel costs of instructors/coaches/staff, provide common statewide evaluation of impact and feedback, and maintain supervision and quality control of the work of instructors/coaches.
  • WSLA, on ocassion, has worked with large districts to customize their program.
  • Each district team will have a coach who will be selected collaboratively by WSLA, the ESD, and the district superintendent. Coaches will be trained by WSLA, and will have approximately 15 days of in-district coaching time that will be scheduled with their district. Coaches will participate in the regional workshops with their team, serving as a facilitator and resource person.
  • ESDs will provide logistical support for the regional workshops and coordinate communication among participants.
  • A participation fee (around $3,000) is charged for each district each year. These fees are paid to the ESD, and help defray a small part of the program support costs. Most of the program costs are paid for by funding from the State of Washington, and with the support of private grants and projects as available. Fee levels are determined annually.
  • Each district leadership team will be provided common core readings and content for reflection, and will work and learn collaboratively. WSLA staff, instructors, and coaches will develop and model team learning opportunities and resources for use in the district. All resources developed and presented at workshops will be made available to participating team members.

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